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History of the organisation:
The Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre (U.C.E.C.) began in 2003 as a result of a soup kitchen which targeted a few schools and needy families. We were thereafter confronted with the reality of many other overwhelming challenges that individuals and communities faced. We then sought after sponsorship for food, clothing, shoes, blankets and mattresses to assist these people who we found living in poverty stricken communities.

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What Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre is about:
UCEC is a Non Profit and Public Benefit Organization that has as its primary focus on the care, counseling and rehabilitation of:
◊ Orphaned, abused, or neglected children.
◊ Marginalized communities
◊ Under-privileged families and individuals
◊ Victims of Human Trafficking
◊ Abused women
◊ Unemployed individuals
◊ The destitute
◊ Commercial Sex Workers
◊ Persons afflicted with HIV/Aids (including the counseling of their families in this regard)
◊ Indigent persons over the age of 60

Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to play a vital role in the implementation of programs aimed at empowering both individuals and communities to become self sustainable and contributory citizens. The organization is driven by a clear purpose and conviction for what we do. Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre ensures a good corporate governance, accountability, transparency and financial management, maintaining a clear and defined strategy that is in line with its vision.

Vision Statement:
The organizations optimal vision and goal is in essence to bring a measure of relief and a helping hand to our fellow citizens, who in many cases by no choice of their own become subjected to the many misfortunes we face in our country. We seek to establish a partner / working relationship with our business community and individuals in a concerted effort to bring about a sense of self worth and independence to the less fortunate and underdeveloped people, to create a stigma free environment for those infected and affected by HIV/Aids and to those who are shamed as a result of being a victim of abuse (in its many facets), to be a life line for people who live in poverty and misery. Also, in the event of natural or other disasters in and around our country, UCEC will position itself to participate in the assessment and distribution of food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies, to engage professional field workers on a volunteer basis.

Core Practice:
UCECís core practice is to benefit and uplift society. UCEC assists in the collection and distribution of Food, as well as the empowerment and counseling of Under-privileged, down trodden and unemployed individuals.


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