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Anti Human-Trafficking – working closely with various government departments, civil society & social partners to assist & protect victims.
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KwaZulu Natal   Durban  
Shiloh House Crisis Centre - Safe haven for abused, neglected women and children.
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KwaZulu Natal Berea Durban Durban
Impumelelo Creche and Pre School – poverty stricken children many of whom have HIV/AIDS and are orphaned.
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KwaZulu Natal Amatikwe Durban Inanda,
Phase 2
Salt of the Earth Feeding Scheme and Food parcel distribution.
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KwaZulu Natal Madiba,
Oribi Village,
Balhambra Way,
Cinderella Park
Durban Central,
Newlands East,
Oribi Village,
Balhambra Way,
Cinderella Park
Women of Worth Street Ministry – UCEC volunteers walk the streets looking for abused women to give aid to.
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KwaZulu Natal Point Road,
Durban City Centre,
Beach Front,
Victoria Embankment
Durban Durban
Siza Home based HIV/Aids care and counseling. HIV/Aids support group VCCT.
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KwaZulu Natal Amatikwe,
Durban Central
Durban Central
Phase 2,
UCEC office
Vukuzenzele Basic Skills Development.
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KwaZulu Natal Durban Central Durban Central UCEC office
Make-Overs - People in need have their hair cut, clean themselves up and we clothe them.
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KwaZulu Natal Durban Central Durban Central UCEC office
Job Placements - Create CV’s for beneficiaries and look for jobs for them.
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KwaZulu Natal Durban Central Durban Central UCEC office
Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre KwaZulu Natal Future Project Future Project Future Project
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Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs: 8am - 4pm
Fridays: 8am - 3pm


(Daily feeding for the homeless:
Tuesday to Friday 10:30am)

Sewing class and Bible Study

HIV/AIDS Education Support group.

Food parcels for the elderly citizens.

Drug awareness day and make over Street Ministry At 19:00

Sports day

Office Closed

Sunday Church Service: 9am - 11am

OFFICE PHONE: 031 824 7951
CELL PHONE: 073 114 8969


Anti Human-Trafficking

UCEC became involved with addressing Human Trafficking in 2006 when we opened the Crisis Centre. Our anti-Human trafficking programme has since grown and we are now working closely with various government departments, civil society & social partners to assist & protect victims and to prevent new trafficking cases from happening by creating awareness.
UCEC was awarded a certificate from the Ethekwini Municipality in 2012 for its Human Trafficking stall at the Sustainable living exhibition.
We reached approx 7000 learners and adults through our awareness programme in 2012.

Shiloh House Crisis Centre for abused women and children

Our Crisis Centre began in 2006 as a result of our 'Women of Worth' street ministries during which we came across so many abused women and children in great need of refuge. The Crisis Centre is a safe haven providing temporary relief until abused parties can be resettled sustainably. Beneficiaries are provided with accommodation, food, clothing & toiletries, counselling, a care plan – personal development, referrals to specialised / long term crisis centre's, drug and alcohol rehabilitation referrals, assistance with health needs, CV's, ID's, grants and job placements.

Impumelelo Creche and Pre School

This Day Care centre, operating since 2005, is located in Inanda in the Province of Kwa Zulu Natal and caters for 60 poverty stricken children between the ages of birth to 7 many of whom have HIV / Aids and are orphaned. A new crèche building has been fully sponsored, built and was completed in May 2012.

Building in progress
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Community members lend a helping hand Community members lend a helping hand Community members lend a helping hand


This programme includes free Voluntary Counselling and Confidential Testing (VCCT) for HIV & AIDS as well as Pre and Post counselling which is conducted by SANCA (South African National Counsel on Alcoholism and Drug dependency) every Tuesday at our offices.
An HIV / Aids support group is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Home based care in rural areas / Food and medical supplies / Corporate HIV & Aids awareness presentations / Educate people on HIV & AIDS related issues, to reduce the rate of infection and affection.

Light of the World – Counselling Ministry

UCEC's counselling centre offers free counselling and support to all who find themselves in a crisis or trauma situation. We endeavour to create a non-judgemental environment and seek to walk with the affected through the situation and assist them to become empowered to be able to move forward in a positive way.

Women of Worth – (WOW) Street Ministry

A team of our volunteers walk the streets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday night from 7pm to 11pm, distributing reading material to educate and empower the ‘ladies of the night’; we also counsel and pray on sight or as requested. We offer accommodation at our Crisis Centre to those who have absolutely no one to turn to, but are willing to change. Our Crisis Centre has its own program to enrich and assist them.

Salt of the Earth – Feeding Scheme

Our Feeding Scheme was our first project and now is the largest of our programmes. We collect food products from various stores to distribute amongst our beneficiaries.
The beneficiaries of our Feeding Scheme are families and learners dependant on the nutrition provided by this organisation.
Approximate number of families we feed p/m equals 350, which amounts to 2200 family members. These beneficiaries receive food parcels on a regular basis at 11 needy community sites in Kwa Zulu (Durban and Pietermaritzburg). We provide, in most cases, the only sustainable meal of the day to approximately 700 learners at various schools. The organization at this point utilizes the services of volunteer workers who use their private vehicles to pick up and distribute all of the food products.
Some of the stores we collect food from include: Woolworths, Prime Cut Meats, Blue Strawberry Catering, Albany bakery, Checkers, Salvation Army (their excess bread) and Simply Cereal. We also provide tea, coffee, juice and sandwiches to our beneficiaries on a daily basis from our UCEC offices.

Job Placement

We create CVs for beneficiaries Constantly look for job opportunities Assist with obtaining Identity Documents Assist with opening Bank Accounts Teach interview skills.


Once a week we allow beneficiaries of the organisation to come in and have their hair cut. We also assist with clothing, shower and toiletries.

Vukuzenzele “Get up and do it yourself” - Basic Skills training

The objective of this initiative is to design effective skills Development Programmes, ensuring that we enlist the services of reputable service providers who will assist us in our pursuit of eradicating poverty and the vicious cycle of unemployment. We will strive to ensure the true empowerment of these individuals through Life Skills Development to ensure self sustainability in the long term.
Skills training planned for the new building:
• Basic computer skills
• Sewing & Beading classes – takes place every Monday at the UCEC office. Mbali Nene from UNISA piloted the sewing class and it is now run by UCEC staff.
• Kitchen & Catering classes
• Community gardening
• Care giving

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